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Hospital (Update)

Hey guys, I’ve been in this bed all this time and I’m getting out tomorrow morning, I’ve got some people to talk to face to face and a few people to apologize to, but first I would like to both thank you all, and apologize to all of you.So, thank you for being here for me while I’ve been in this bed, I love you all so much.And as for apologizing, I wanted t apologize for putting myself in here, the reason I’m here is because of me and my careless actions, but I realize now that wasn’t what I should have done.I’m sorry everyone.Can I be forgiven? Anyways I love every single last one of you.And special thank you too monochrom3-noir for speaking to me any time he had the chance to help me feel better, and also to another friend of mine askfluttershine for being here and ask-brishbrush/ kizzy-chan for being here too, these three helped me out the most and I hope they see this because I love you guys extra.

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yas, im doing this early cuz I am busy for the next 2 days, but I hope u will like it!

This is super awesome. ^.^
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Birthday Contest

Hi everyone it’s my birthday today and I wanna draw your OC’s, so just like the post and I’ll put you in. ^.^

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Biggest fans of the week. ^.^

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And another. ^.^ (had some fun with the perspective on this one.) topas-von-roth

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The three other requests I had gotten. ask-lillyale—lavande nevikr1 ask-skippythemoonrock

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For the bestest friend ever supporting me all the way though. ^.^ monochrom3-noir

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BunnyBlaze12’s request.
Super fun to draw bunnyblaze12

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Well, since I’m in the hospital, I’m really bored, give me some requests.

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this hits home in so many ways I can’t even…. so many feels….

the rainbowdash only ones made me cry

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when a friend is sad










if you are ever sad/stressed/anything and you need to vent, my ask box is always open! (you can send fanmail too if you can)

don’t worry, i won’t publish any of these i recieve

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I’m going to shed some light on this now, I am in the hospital due to blood loss.I have Dythsmia and that can cause a variety of of other problems with that are linked to depression, ever so sadly that also means I can relapse.I got immensely paranoid and the next day I relapsed.Sadly from the amount of blood I lost from my arm makes it impossible to leave this room, it also means that because the wound opened back up and let out more blood yesterday, they added an extra few days to my stay.But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop using tumblr and stop posting.In the mean time I have limited resources to draw and limited time because my phycologist is meant to come in ever other day.So with that being said I hope you all understand now why I am in a stupid hospital bed for the next few weeks. (Which means I’ll also miss my birthday on the sixteenth.)

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Welp…I’m not leaving this hospital bed for two weeks…

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thank you for 2000+ follower .w.

so much cool person be follow me and i don’t know how i get this far (.w ./)

anyway, have some 150+ pony ; w; (list late)


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forgot about this. here

green - Basic class
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and if you want just your oc here

special thank doubleclickthepony (nsfw)

Oh mah gawd so cool.

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I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

my brother

It’s sad to think that some people might have seen this and thought of me should I have gone through or succeeded years back. To think that now, years after everything, that things are getting better and that I don’t have suicidal thoughts near as often, and almost no urge to act on them… it’s incredulous.

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