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Hey everyone I’ve been gone a little while because of business matters and I’ve also been honing my pony art skills and made a few references as in I kinda overdid it but who really cares, no such thing as too much reference.Anyways it’s great to be back with all my little ponies…Ha, made a joke see…Anyways I love you all. *kiss’s*

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Stream! (Over)

Some more gameplay, hope you all join me.

Live stream is over, nobody came.Where are you guys today? ;~;
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Just playing some games.

Stream over, I may stream again later today.
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Kissu art for my sweetie monochrom3-noir. ^~^

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What is your favourite fruit?


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bluecresentmoonog 00davo star-bright-unicorn :3 those are all I’ve gotten so far, so feel free to send in a reference if you want a Chibi~ ^^ (I’ll upload a better photo later to replace this)

Oh my god this is just too much cute for my heart to handle, I’m gonna go lay down in my bed and cry over how amazing this is okay, okay bye. ;~;

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I am finally done! this 20+ followers special took 15-20 hours, sorry for the ponies that didn’t get featured into it, i was running out of space ;~; but none of the less here it is, this special consists of shinskii alexthejones waystojest d3wpy ask-nursery-rhyme sparky-sketch keypony ask-lemonade askug cybermagus ask-jax-and-equestria thunderflicker endermedic alwaysbetonblackjack asknoxthepony rubydrops-stuff ask-electrobolt eissypone ask-superyoxoworld ask-sun-spire mod-of-bubbles xani50 kii-chan99 bluecresentmoonog Thank all of you for following me! You guys mean a lot to me! <3 

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Cuddles for Blue, hope you feel better!!

(( Feat. bluecresentmoonog ))

Omg this is so kawaii, thank you so much. ^3^

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But will all of you love even a part of me back…

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Is a handsome stallion such as yourself open for a relationship?


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300 Followers Yay! Thank you all.

Featuring:Skype pony, Rubydrop, Squall, Nox, Shaula, and Bubblepop.

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I want to _____ you.




reblog and see what your followers say




I was just reblogging for the above post I didn’t think I’d get any


Give things.

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ask me stufffffff



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I visited your blog and saw you were getting out of the hospital!  So I made something for you since it’s a happy occasion! 

Yey, somebody did a thing for me.Thanks. ^.^

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Hospital (Update)

Hey guys, I’ve been in this bed all this time and I’m getting out tomorrow morning, I’ve got some people to talk to face to face and a few people to apologize to, but first I would like to both thank you all, and apologize to all of you.So, thank you for being here for me while I’ve been in this bed, I love you all so much.And as for apologizing, I wanted t apologize for putting myself in here, the reason I’m here is because of me and my careless actions, but I realize now that wasn’t what I should have done.I’m sorry everyone.Can I be forgiven? Anyways I love every single last one of you.And special thank you too monochrom3-noir for speaking to me any time he had the chance to help me feel better, and also to another friend of mine askfluttershine for being here and ask-brishbrush/ kizzy-chan for being here too, these three helped me out the most and I hope they see this because I love you guys extra.

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